Rode PodMic Cardioid Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

Killer podcast mic, super solid on other sources too. Sounds great, looks cool on camera, and you could probably hammer in nails with it and still do your podcast. Does an SM7B sound better? I mean, it sounds different. But it sure as heck doesn’t sound 4x better. As a belt-y singer, I found something that fits my voice a little better, and I don’t need two large diaphragm dynamics, so off this baby goes. But if I was just doing voice over/podcasts, I doubt I’d have moved on from this. It’s stupidly good.Gain-hungry, but not as bad as the SM7B or RE20 in my estimation. Your mileage may vary. Comes with foam windscreen that I got for it, which has been proper sanitized.


Podcasters looking for the right mic to bring professional-quality sound to their productions on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitch, and elsewhere have a great option with the PodMic from Rode. This cost-effective stylish end-address dynamic XLR microphone is specifically tuned for speech and broadcast.

Get Professional Results
Pair the PodMic with the powerful RODECaster Pro podcast production studio to leverage the most out of your microphone. Select the PodMic microphone preset in the RODECaster Pro audio options and matching digital signal processing is automatically applied, giving your voice the depth, presence, and hint of shimmer associated with top professional radio broadcasters.


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