DJI Goggles Racing Edition

DJI Goggles deliver FPV video with ultimate speed, stability, and clarity. Access to flight setting adjustments, gimbal control, and precise flight data are necessary for effective drone racing. DJI Goggles RE offer all of this and more. Flight Control DJI Goggles RE use bottom-up processing, which means a signal reception module isn’t required. By connecting a third-party controller to the Goggles, users can directly control racing drones with an F3, F4, KISS, Naze, or any other supportedflight controller. Gimbal Control In Head Tracking Gimbal mode, a user can control the gimbal camera just by putting on the Goggles and turning their head. On-Screen Display Essential flight information, including transmission resolution, battery level, and signal quality, is easily visible on screen. Digital & Analog Transmission In addition to HD digital transmission, DJI Goggles RE offer analog transmission via their SMA port. Wide-Ranging Applications Apart from compatibility with racing quads and fixed-wing model aircraft, DJI Goggles RE can be used with vehicles, robots, and industrial drones to provide clear FPV during cargo transportation, search and rescue operations, and even structural inspections. They also can offer you the ability to give your customer an FPV view whilst you are flying a job. More Compatibility. More Comfort Compatible with the Mavic series, Spark, Phantom 4 series, and Inspire 2, DJI Goggles RE inherit all the great features of DJI Goggles, including full flight setting control, two high-resolution screens, Head Tracking, and more. More Video Options DJI Goggles RE play videos in a variety of different formats, including MP4, MOV, and MKV, so users haveeven more ways to experience immersive media. Users can also view 6K 360-degree panoramas



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